Cinematic Wedding Videos

We don’t just film your wedding; we capture your story in the most beautiful way.

Package Includes:
– Pre-wedding meeting to plan (Skype)
– 2 Videographers / Editors
– 1.5 days of filming on location
– 4K cameras + 4K drone video


What You Receive:
– 1-minute wedding video trailer ( within 14 days)
– 6-8 minute cinematic highlight video (within 30 days)
– All the raw video footage from your wedding.
– Files delivered via DHL on 500gb hard drive
Full Package Price:
– Weddings anywhere in Thailand
Price: $4,500 USD (includes travel & accommodation)


Other Options:
– For 20-25 minute full-length documentary (within 45 days)
Price: add $700 USD
– Full unedited ceremony and speeches video (within 45 days)
Price: add $600 USD
– For an additional cameraman
Price: add $600 USD



Danielle and Jonathan – Testimonial
“Not only are BVC incredibly professional, as well as supremely lovely human beings, what they produced for us was extraordinary. It’s no exaggeration to say that everyone who saw our wedding video has been completely awestruck by the quality, the story that was told, the emotion that was captured, and the evident skill that’s not usually found in your typical wedding documentation. I have had friends show it to other friends or colleagues, who had not even met us, and all were either mesmerized or moved to tears! It’s the most special memento, rich with life and colour and love. We will treasure it forever (and likely watch it a hundred more times!)

To top it all off, the turn around time was almost unbelievable – we’d hardly returned home from our honeymoon when we received the official trailer, and the full length movie followed very soon afterwards! It was nothing short of a joyous experience to work with BVC, and I don’t doubt that anyone who hires them will experience the same.”

Rhiann and Nick – Testimonial
“We were extremely impressed with William and his team throughout all our dealings with them before, during and after our wedding. Their communication and consultation in the run up to the event was very professional and they were able to give advice as well as be flexible when needed. On the day itself the team got the balance just right, working very well with our photographer, blending into the background so not to upstage any events, and also interacting with the guests later in the evening to gain some great shots. The quick teaser clip supplied about a week later had us and our guests drooling for more. Anticipation was high but William was able to deliver with the cinematic masterpieces that followed certainly living up to expectations and more. He was able to encapsulate so many emotions of the day and show off the beautiful setting with drone shots of the celebrations. The visuals were superb and the editing and soundtrack harmonized with it delightfully. We are so glad we invested in the full package of films, as we now have such an amazing record of our day.”

Alexandra and Andy – Testimonial
“William, Jae and their team are wonderful! We struggled to find a videographer in Thailand who understood what we were looking for in terms of style. The team worked within our budget, they captured all the shots that we wanted (including some amazing drone footage!), and gave us a wonderful professional video to cherish for many years to come. We were so lucky and very fortunate to have found William and Jae. We can’t say enough about how pleased we are with our experience with Bangkok Visual Creative’s professional service.”

Leanne and Stephen – Testimonial
“I am not someone who writes testimonials, but the experience my wife and I had on our wedding day with Bangkok Visual Creative calls for one… William and his team were very courteous, professional and patient. They gave us great direction and listened to all the specific details, that we wanted to show to make our wedding video memorable. And I have to say it came out even better than we thought it would… If you are looking for a videographer to film your wedding, capture a moment, or series of moments, I would highly recommend Bangkok Visual Creative. You will not regret it!!!”

Nick and Angela – Testimonial
“So the trailer really grew on us and we love it. It’s a great piece of work, very impressive and generated a tonne of great feedback from everyone who watched it. Wow, what a brilliant job on the highlight video, we really like it, a lot! Thanks so much for all the hard work and perseverance for getting this over to us, very grateful and it’s been worth the wait! It would be too much to mention all the things we love, there’s absolutely loads, really like the music too, that and the footage flows so well!”

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